All-Inclusive Cruises | Do they exsist?

all-inclusive cruises

Do "all-inclusive " cruises actually exsist?

I'm not saying that the cruise industry has gone that far yet, but they seem to be heading in that direction.  Just since this past Spring cruise lines like Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Carnival have done some variation of including one or most of these add-ons in the upfront cost of the cruise.
Here's an example...
Celebrity Cruises is an example of a cruise line that often offers a Premium (top shelf alcohol) beverage package, $300 on-board credit, FREE gratuities and UNLIMITED Internet. That's about as close to an all-Inclusive cruise  as you can get!
Stay tuned. Cruise vacations have always been the best value when it comes to vacations. Now you can leave your nickels and dimes home and enjoy a truly all-inclusive cruise vacation aboard one of today's gorgeous, state-of-the-art cruise ships!

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