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Our cruise specialist, Carl, gave us first-hand advice about different cruise options after sailing on these cruise ships personally.  Cruises Plus made the process go smoothly -- from securing the right cabin type and location, to booking the dinner seating, to handling the travel insurance, to collecting the deposit and in making sure our cruise was paid in full when due, etc.  Cruises Plus was always there to answer any questions or concerns we may have had.  We have cruised numerous times through Cruises Plus and look forward to booking many more cruises with them.  We highly recommend Cruises Plus.  They certainly put the "plus" in cruises.

Brian and Shelley Bluefeld


Our first cruise with Cruises Plus was in 2006.  We did 15 days through the Panama Canal.  Paulette Dinoto was our agent.  She was able to help us select the line we would be most comfortable with and she was absolutely right.  Since then we have booked six additional cruises trhrough Cruises Plus.   No matter what questions or concerns we may have, they are always addressed quickly and correctly.  We would never use any othr aency.  Cruises Plus and Paulette are the best.


Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that I would be using a travel agent in Maryland when I live in New Mexico. Paulette DiNoto is the bestest of the best. She has been planning our cruises for several years and we have never been disappointed. She has always gone above and beyond, professional but friendly, and has always promptly replied to our emails, regardless of whether they were dumb questions or legitimate concerns. I would recommend Cruises Plus in a heart beat. They are A+ in my book.


Wow!!! What a perfect cruise vacation! My husband and I could not have been more pleased by the cruise planned for us by Carl Love (Baltimore, MD). Every detail was considered... dining arrangements including specialty restaurants, evening entertainment, daytime activities, and more. Carl's previous knowledge of the ship kicked in for us at the moment we came aboard. We could not have enjoyed ourselves anywhere near as much without his planning. 

Thanks, Carl, for a memorable cruise experience.


With all of the travel agents in Dallas, TX no one can beat Paulette DiNoto.  She has planned more than a dozen cruises for me and never has there been a question she hasn't answered, no matter what I ask.  If she tells me it is done, its done, if she tells me it is going to be this way, that is the way it is.  Never have I had any bad surprises.  She answers emails promptly, is very professional,  very caring and has a sense of humor to boot.  Crises Plus and Paulette are a joy to work with.


Cruises Plus Review

We have been using Cruises Plus for over 10 years and have never been disappointed.  Our Guardian Angel (agent) is Paulette DiNoto who has arrange a large number of cruises for us, members of our family and other traveling companions.  Her assistance, advise and many kindnesses are too numerous to mention hear but we can say she has never failed to please.  Back in the day we ask some rather naive questions but her patience and understanding were boundless and over time she turned us into seasoned veterans.  Over the years we have become good friends and she has made it her business to learn our profile.  Now, when we book a cruise, she does things without our asking because she is aware of our likes and dislikes.  To put it simply she is the "Best of the Best" and we hope she will always be there for us.  We rate Paulette and Cruises Plus A+++ and highly recommed them for your travel needs.

Bon Voyage,

Dick & Lee


My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful cruise that was arranged by our cruise planner, Carl Love of Cruises Plus in Baltimore, MD.   Carl handled all of the details dealing with our reservation:   recommended stateroom location, arranged our dining time, suggested port excursions, arranged for our travel insurance, even signed us up for various evening activities, etc.  He was so thorough and helpful that all we had left to do was complete the online ship registration and then pack our bags.  So far, we have taken six cruises and ALL of them have been handled efficiently and professionally by Carl and Cruises Plus.   We highly recommend them!!!

Carol & Dave B.
Baltimore, MD


I have worked with Carl Love of Cruises Plus on numerous occasions with regards to booking our cruises, town cars, hotel accomodations, etc. etc.  He has always been extremely helpful, well-informed, reliable and patient with all of my questions and requests, plus his response time is always most expedient.  We just returned from a Caribbean cruise, and are already looking forward to booking our next cruise with Carl and Cruises Plus.  Thanks again!·        

o    Carol B.

o    Baltimore, MD        


I have used Paulette at Cruises Plus as my agent for the past 11 years. During that time I have taken 25 cruises and the arrangements were always flawless. The entire staff is always so professional and they return calls quickly. All of the travel benefits are always fully explained to their customers.
Several of my friends now also use Cruises Plus as their exclusive travel agency.
On short notice the agency handled the arrangements for my sister's destination wedding in the Bahamas. All of the guest arrangements were handled perfectly for the entire bridal party and guests to get to the resort and have a wonderful weekend of celebrations.
I highly recommend this agency.·        

o    Charity H.

o    Brownsville, OR



Cruises Plus is a great travel agency!! I have booked all inclusive trips 4 out of the last 5 years and have been extremely happy with their recommendations!! Sam is great at searching and finding perfect vacations!! Anything you ask. He will search it!!  Great company to do business with! Highly recommend!!

o    Jennifer Q.

o    Elkridge, MD