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Cruises Plus has Provided Expertise in Selling All Inclusive Travel Since 1986

What's meant by  "ALL-INCLUSIVE" cruises or land packages?

Unless you are considering a luxury cruise, there is no such thing as All INCLUSIVE CRUISES.
However, If your travel agent is willing, a truly all inclusive cruise can be designed. It takes a little more time and effort but if you have occasion to speak with a past Cruises Plus customer, you'll learn that we at Cruises Plus put the same amount of effort in to a 5 day Carnival cruise as we do a lengthy luxury cruise. Call us the "social workers" of the cruise industry.
So, the next time you are searching for an ALL INCLUSIVE CRUISE, give Cruises Plus a call or email!

Today's version of an Inclusive cruise...

Take a typical "mass-market" cruise (i.e., Carnival, NCL, Royal Caribbean). You pay for the cruise which includes taxes, port fees, sleeping accommodations, entertainment and virtually all of your meals. Sounds pretty all-inclusive!...Right?
Well, not quite. You still have gratuities, excursions, Internet and the big one, BEVERAGES.  The cruise lines have finally answered the peoples' cry, "don't nickel and dime me after I've come aboard! I don't mind paying more up front. At least that way I have a decent chance of guessing what the cruise will truly cost." But what if I'm not a beer/cocktail consumer? I don't want to pay for something I have no use for. The cruise line's answer…"fine, you''ll be able to choose and only pay for those services, beverages, etc. that you do have use for. Sorta like a Chinese restaurant menu.



NEW!! Harmony of the Seas
Featuring 10 Story High Slide!

lCelebrity Modern Luxury   Cruises Plus is currently featuring a Web Site devoted soley to a cruise line, Celebrity Cruises, that excels in quality, personal service, creature comforts and value. That's why Celebrity Cruises  accurately includes the phrase "Modern Luxury" in its tag line. Take a quick look!



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